October 3, 2018 YPB Marketing

YPB China’s third significant new partner opens fourth major new industry channel

Sydney, Oct 3, 2018 AEST (ABN Newswire) – Anti-counterfeit and customer engagement solutions provider YPB Group Ltd (ASX:YPB) has secured a significant new distribution partner in China, the China arm of a privately owned multinational plastics supplier, which opens access to FMCG producers in China for YPB for the first time. The term of the contract is 3 years.

  • China arm of global plastics supplier new China channel partner
  • Valuable FMCG sector exposure
  • Opens fourth big channel in China – FMCG added to autos, oil, electronics

This adds to the new channels recently secured by YPB China, Shenzen Meixin Electronics Co (SME), which supplies global electronics consumer goods manufacturers, and CCN Technologies, which is supplying YPB solutions to a global auto manufacturer and a global oil major.

The parent company is one of the world’s major suppliers of plastic packaging products to FMCG manufacturers. Headquartered in Europe the company now operates in 45 countries with 176 locations worldwide and has 19,300 employees. Its Asia HQ is in Shanghai, China, and it has 7 operating locations in China.

The new channel partner has already engaged its first client in China to use YPB’s solutions. A leading Chinese shampoo brand will adopt YPB anti-counterfeit technology, protecting its brand value and its customers from fakes. The monthly production volume will be circa 1m bottles. Revenue commencement from this contract is immediate.

YPB’s Executive Chairman John Houston said: “The opportunity to work with a global leader in plastics packaging for high volume FMCG products in an ultra-high volume market is full of potential. This is an excellent first step and we look forward to building out our FMCG client base with our new partner. YPB China is making the most significant strides in its history and, with further initiatives in train, a markedly improved financial performance from China is in sight. Our China team has finally cracked global high volume industries and the task now is to fully capitalise on the opportunity.”

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