October 24, 2018 YPB Marketing

YPB wins 2 prized awards at China’s peak anti-counterfeit summit 

YPB stand - Security dDocument Summit 2018
  • Wins both “Excellent Application Award” and “Market Development Award” at 2018 SDS 
  • Dr. Paul Bisso showcased YPB’s revolutionary Motif Micro technology for the first time in China
  • SDS is China’s peak summit for document and anti-counterfeit security
  • SDS attracts Government and Industry representatives from 30 countries

YPB is pleased to announce that at the 13th Security Document Summit (SDS) held in Beijing October 17th-18th, it received both the “Excellent Application Award” and the “Market Development Award” as part of SDS’s  ‘Blue Shield Awards’ program.  Each year SDS assesses and grants 5 Industry Awards.  YPB has won awards every year since 2014 and has variously been awarded Excellent Application, Excellent Invention, Excellent Solution and, in 2018 for the first time, the “Market Development Award”.

The SDS is an annual event organised by China International Science and Technology Promotion Association and co-organised by the First Research Institute of China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS).  SDS is China’s largest and most authoritative professional Industry organisation and is China’s key resource aggregation platform that has previously launched such successful programs as China’s new electronic passports, Chinese motor vehicle driver’s license, China’s social security card, a variety of tax bills, and China’s bank cards. This year YPB’s Dr. Paul Bisso presented Motif Micro’s breakthrough smartphone readability of a forensic anti-counterfeit mark to China for the first time.

The grant of the Excellent Application Award 2018 acknowledged the significant product development made by YPB in Food Traceability. YPB’s technology, able to withstand high cooking temperatures while completely stable and functional, has been used to protect the famous, seasonal and rare Chinese Crab “Yang Cheng Lake Da Zha Xie” from counterfeit and substitution, right to the consumer’s plate.

The grant of the Market Development Award acknowledged the innovative deployment of YPB’s anti-counterfeit solutions by a prominent consumer brand client of Australia’s leading squeeze tube manufacturer Impact International and signalled the increased importance with which official circles in China view protecting the rapidly growing volume of exports from Australia to China from fakes.  China’s new Cross-Border E-Commerce laws are in part intended to ensure Chinese consumers buying directly from offshore are protected from counterfeit and receive the authentic product they intended to purchase. 

Impact International’s Managing Director, Mr. Aleks Lajovic commented “Congratulations to our partner YPB on winning these prestigious awards. In 2019, we are on track to sell more than 16 million tubes to our customers who are protected by YPB.  Winning such an award will further enable us to highlight the benefits to our customers of protecting their products with award winning YPB technology.”  

The Blue Shield Award program follows guidelines of openness and competition.  The awards committee conducts several months of evaluation and applicants need at least 2 independent nominations prior to a triple review process that finally determines the winners. 

John Houston, YPB’s CEO and Chairman said: “It is our honour to be associated with China’s SDS and to have our existing technologies and their commercial relevance recognised by the evaluating committee, but showcasing our breakthrough Motif Micro technology for smartphone readability at this year’s SDS was an even greater honour.  We intend to convert the increased prominence afforded by these awards into commercial success in China and internationally.” 

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