Brand Protection Security

Award-winning brand protection solutions

The global counterfeiting market is set to reach US$1.82tr in 2020 and every industry, from food to luxury goods to e-commerce, is looking for high-security solutions. YPB has developed world-leading and patented authentication and verification technologies that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any brand.

With YPB, brand protection has never been easier. Every part of a Business or product can be protected, and with our Connect Platform brands can trigger consumer engagement at the point of authentication.

YPB® Tracer

Your brand’s last line of defence

YPB® Scanners

Portable verification at the push of a button


An app-less smart packaging solution


Guaranteeing global identification every time

MultiSec® Shield

Forensic smartphone readable security overlaminate

A covert tracer-embedded QR code with a unique serial number

MultiSec® Thread

Weaving advanced security throughout any brand