June 18, 2019 YPB Marketing

YPB co-launches Vintail for the Wine Industry with Seppeltsfield Wines

Brand protection and retail engagement specialist YPB Group Ltd (“YPB”) is pleased to announce that one of Australia’s oldest wineries, Seppeltsfield Wines – established in 1851 and located in the Barossa region – has signed a Master Services Agreement for the supply of YPB’s brand authenticity solutions for select lines.

The agreement marks the first commercial release of YPB’s Vintail coupled with YPB’s globally successful customer engagement solution, YPB Connect.

YPB CEO and Executive Chairman, John Houston said: “We are extremely proud to be associated with the historic and iconic Seppeltsfield brand and pleased to provide their consumers with an experience we believe marks the start of a new generation in interactive packaging that goes well beyond product authenticity.

“The YPB Vintail is an industry-driven adaption of our NFC anti-tamper solution and is paired with our Connect platform to trigger a direct consumer to brand engagement. Consumers can gain a deeper brand driven appreciation of the product, and the brand can gain valuable insights on the journey of their products and the purchasing behaviours of their consumers.”

Executive Chairman Seppeltsfield Wines, Warren Randall said: “As a global wine brand, it is important that Seppeltsfield Wines continues to be at the forefront of innovation. As we begin to expand our luxury wine collection, we are proactively investing in technology to guarantee wine authenticity.

“We have worked closely with YPB to customise Vintail technology and we are proud to be the first wine brand to launch the authenticity and consumer engagement innovation in Australia. Through the Vintail and a customised technology platform, every bottle of our newly-released Shiraz range can be authenticated.

“Using a smart phone tap and go process, wine drinkers have the ability to both ensure their product is genuine as well as enjoy an immersive Seppeltsfield Wines’ brand experience.

“TheYPB Vintail – a microchip – has been embedded into the neck of each bottle of The Westing and The Northing Barossa Shiraz. Each bottle is uniquely serialised for brand authenticity.”

Under the MSA, YPB is to receive revenue from a standard monthly subscription fee for the Connect platform along with volume-based sales of ‘Vintails’. Seppeltsfield will place orders for Vintails in accordance with their production runs.

The term of the MSA is three years that may be automatically extended for a further two years on the same terms and is otherwise able to be terminated by either party with 30 days’ notice. There are no other material terms or outstanding conditions to the MSA or other agreements in place with Seppeltsfield Wines.

For further information please contact investor@ypbsystems.com