Consumer Engagement and Authentication

Creating a ‘moment of trust’ with your brand

Every chance to connect with a consumer is an opportunity to build brand awareness, trust and loyalty, so why shouldn’t that connection happen on the packaging itself? How much do does your marketing team pay now for third-party data about your target consumers when they should have access to first-party verified insights?

With every application of YPB’s industry-leading solutions authenticity triggers consumer engagement. Which means that your brand can form a unique relationship with your consumer that sets you apart from your competitors.

Consumers can scan products at the point of sale using their smartphone, and once connected to our cloud-based YPB Connect Platform, you can harvest valuable consumer profiles from interactions that will help your brand deliver targeted marketing initiatives.

With YPB, engagement with your consumers is at your fingertips— never lose touch again.

Connect® Platform

Set up your product packaging to become a global billboard for your brand


A world-first technology readable by smartphones


An app-less smart packaging solution

ProtectCode® Plus

Our highest security brand protection solution


The ultimate brand protection and traceability solution for B2C businesses.